Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.jms.JMSContext

I was also facing the same issue when I moved from spring-3.0 to spring-5.0 while using Tomcat-7 to deploy my application. I added below maven dependency in pom.xml file and it got resolved.
The root cause I found is, UserCredentialsConnectionFactoryAdapter class provided by spring-jms-5.0.2.RELEASE.jar was using JMSContext class internally. This class was not available in jms-1.1.jar which I was using with spring-jms-3.2.4.jar.
So I replaced jms-1.1.jar with javax.jms-api-2.0.1.jar
I would suggest you to add/upgrade your jms jar as mentioned above according to you spring version.
Hope this works!

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