Hello World Nest js

Follow below URL for prerequisite i.e install NPM on your system


Step 1 : Create a new directory anywhere you want in your PC.

Step 2 : Open command prompt window and enter below command to execute.

D:Rakesh_kumar_SinghaniaIonicFrameWorkNestJs>npm i -g @nestjs/cli

this will get all dependency for your Nest Js project.

Step 3:  Generate new project using below command

D:Rakesh_kumar_SinghaniaIonicFrameWorkNestJs>npm new firstProject

Step 3: This command will ask for few parameters like below
just enter all required details as per your specifications.

D:Rakesh_kumar_SinghaniaIonicFrameWorkNestJs>nest new project

⚡️  Creating your Nest project...
🙌  We have to collect additional information:

? description : FirstProject
? version : 1.0.0
? author : rakeshkumar.singhania

💥  Thank you for your time!
This will also generate few files for you to start a new project and also ask for your preference between NPM or YARN.
Choose according to your need and project setup.
As I have used NPM so I have selected NPM as a build tool here.

Once process is completed your screen look like above screen with all settings.

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